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BMK Powder orignal factory CAS 5449-12-7 cheap price

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BMK 5449-12-7 Molecular Formula C10H10NaO3

BMK 5449-12-7 Molecular Weight 227.216

BMK 5449-12-7 Appearance white powder

BMK 5449-12-7 Stability Stable. Flammable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, acids, bases, plastics

BMK 5449-12-7 Flash Point 149.5±28.4 °C

BMK 5449-12-7 Melting Point 133-136 °C

color White to slightly yellow

Water Solubility slightly soluble

what we can supply?

1) Delivery to Netherlands(Holland), Spain, Germany, Poland, Australia, Russia, Kazakhstan, 100% Arrive at your front door!

2) 1KG Sample is Available, 1000KG Bulk Quantity on Stock, ready to ship out within 1-2 days!

3) Popular High Oil Yield, High purity, make sure the very BEST quality in Europe Market!

4) Various Shipping Method, By Train, By Air, the Fastest 6-9 Days

5) 100% No need to Clear Customs, we will handle it discreetly!

Warehouse Delivery

We bulid several warehouses and clearance companies for many countries.

(1) BDO we have warehouse in Sydney Australia, 1-3 days arrive.

(2) Vancouver Canada warehouse, local delivery by truck and can be picked up by yourself.

(3) Germany/Poland/Netherlans warehouse, our company has our own chemicals wholesale business, our own clearance company, no risk. Such as PMK wholesale etc.

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